Board Management Software


Multiple Boards

All of your boards in one place with one login - only one password to remember

Unlimited Subcommittees

Create as many subcommittees as you require to keep organized

Alert Digests

Keep up-to-date with a single daily/weekly/monthly email alert for all your boards

Security Focused

With two-factor authentication you can feel confident that all of your information is secure

Intuitive and Responsive Design

Very easy to get started without training on any device in any location

No Installation Required

FlexxBoard is a cloud-based solution so there are is nothing to install and you will always have the latest version


  • Prepare an agenda with our agenda builder
  • Record attendance, discussions, decisions, and assign action items during a meeting
  • View all previously completed meeting minutes
  • Sync your meetings to the calendar on your phone/computer


  • Utilize group conversations to capture dicussions and decisions in-between meetings
  • Create private side conversations with selected members


  • Two separate document repositories - one for approved/accepted documents and one for working documents
  • Create and track activity around documents with reading tasks, agenda items, conversations, and resolutions


  • List of all members on the board with links to their LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook (if added by that member)
  • Ability to make a phone call or send an email to another member right from the directory


  • Public tasks provide accountability to the board
  • Assign reading tasks for new/updated documents
  • Assign action item tasks in meetings with a link back to the meeting minutes


  • Resolutions can be created as a way to have members vote on a general topic or document
  • Utilize our signature capture tool to produce a resolution document with signatures for members

Minute Book

  • A single location to find all of your most important documents
  • Invite Minute Book Users (lawyers/accountants) to your board so they can add documents to your minute book without access to anything else
  • Invite Minute Book Viewers to your board to allow them to view your minute book documents while keeping them away from your other information


  • Invite new members, update roles, remove previous members
  • Maintain document categories
  • Set up recurring agenda items
  • Send broadcast messages to members